Special Elenco Beetle R C Robot

Special Elenco Beetle R C Robot

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Microscope Set in Carrying Case. Take a really close look with this zoom microscope kit that provides your youngster everything they need to start exploring. The 9in., lighted 100x-900x zoom microscope includes a Huygens eyepiece and color filters that isolate light for a better view. Comes with a variety of slides and tools that let your budding scientist conduct a series of observations. Includes microscope, a Micro Data Bank, Micros Slicer, 12 blank slides, 12 cover glasses, 12 statically slide cover, 12 blank labels, a Petri dish with magnifier and a variety of tools designed for handling specimens, along with complete.
Two motors operate the open, close, lift and lower functions of the large pinchers in the front